Top Mobile Internet Devices in Virtual Business Google Analytics Philippines

In this post, here at virtual business matters, I am going to show you the top mobile internet devices. I got this using a tracking and monitoring tool called Google Analytics. It's a tool which I also discussed in a previous post. You may check the tutorial here: How To Add Google Analytics To Your Blogger Blog.

Top Mobile Internet Devices in Virtual Business Google Analytics Philippines

I think the mobile internet devices or MID is no longer a want but it is more of a normal day-to-day (or time-to-time) electronic gadget need for some of the geeks and internet savvies, especially for people in the field of internet marketing, virtual business and to those people with an online business. Aside from having a personal computer at home or a laptop in their home office, I think a typical Filipino virtual assistant probably needs the best mobile internet device or a wireless internet device to get more updates in a regular basis. 

If you follow my step by step Google Analytics tutorial, after you logged in, you will notice that you can still select the old or new version of Google Analytics user interface. This time, I used the new version. Under the selected website profile (the website you enrolled for tracking analytic), just select AUDIENCE /Mobile /Devices on the left side of the site. To get more accurate data, you can alter the date range. Check the sample snap shot below. 

Google Analytic Tool: AUDIENCE /Mobile /Devices

The following mobile internet devices are on the top of the list. Notice that Apple iPad rules and is on top. On the second spot is Samsung GT-P7500 Galaxy Tab (ehem!), and the list goes on and on. Using Google Analytics, I can now check and identify what are the common mobile internet devices that Virtual Business Matters’ viewers are using (aside from using personal computer or laptop) 

Top Mobile Internet Devices in Virtual Business Google Analytics Philippines
  1. Apple iPad
  2. Samsung GT-P7500 Galaxy Tab
  3. Apple iPhone
  4. Apple iPod Touch
  5. Samsung GT-I9100 Galaxy S II
  6. Samsung GT-P1000 Galaxy Tab
  7. Google Nexus S Samsung Nexus S
  8. HTC EVO 4G
  9. HTC Desire HD
  10. Nokia C7-00 Astound
  11. Nokia E63
  12. Nokia E66
  13. Nokia E72
  14. Samsung GT-I9000 Galaxy S
  15. Samsung GT-S5570 Galaxy Mini

Inside Google Analytics, pictures of the actual mobile devices are also available. By clicking the camera icon, I can visualize the sample Mobile Internet Devices images. Since it's powered by Google, they can do it automatic but of course you can check the actual device features and images for yourself. Google it! :) 

Summary and Some Tips:  

Checking the readers’ mobile internet device inside Google Analytic is only the result of my curiosity and while browsing I found that it’s possible to check it using this tracking tool.

But some of you may ask, can Google Analytics bring us money? My direct answer is NO. It’s not a direct source of your earning online. Yes, if you get used to it, you can add this on your skills and later on put this on your additional services. One example is by providing traffic summary report to your client. If your client needs an actual report on his website overall demographic for the month and say for example he wanted to know his overall traffic sources , one of the best tool that you can use is Google Analytic. Again, it’s just a tracking tool. The best that it can show you is HOW you made the money online

Aside from checking what gadgets or mobile devices they (your website or blog visitors) are using, you can also check the Demographic (location of your web visitors), your viewers’ behaviors and social engagement. From Google analytic you can also monitor your traffic sources, whether it’s direct traffic, referral, or search engine traffic or whether it’s a result of a traffic campaign.

If you like this post, please hit the LIKE BUTTON below the blog post title: Top Mobile Internet Devices in Virtual Business Google Analytics Philippines. Now, if' you're one of the users of these top 15 Mobile Internet Devices, please let me know your comments. or if not just leave your decent comment below and let me hear any thought from you Thanks in advance.

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