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4 Ways to Earn From the Internet the Right Way [Part 2 of 2]

This is the second part series of my post about the “4 Ways to Earn From the Internet the Right Way”: Lessons I learned from my internet marketing mentor Jomar Hilario. On the first part I discussed the first two which are (1) Through blogging and (2) Being an internet marketer. If you haven’t read it yet, you can read that previous post, before you start reading this one. Here’s the link: 4 Ways to Earn From the Internet the Right Way [Part 1 of 2]

Now, let me discuss you the other two. These are through affiliate marketing and being a virtual assistant. Let’s continue.

3. Through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is marketing and selling other people’s product. Jomar mentioned that the idea of “get product, sell to people” is the wrong approach. He said you build your database first (and this is the common advice of a lot of gurus). Build your audience list database first and then sell to people later. Some people might ask, “But when are we going to sell?” Wrong question! Let your audience decide what they want and then provide that they want. For now, let’s keep building our database first. Remember this, "People Hate to be Sold, But Love to Buy".

Now, allow me to share you my personal story. Once upon a time I received an offer from a guru to do affiliate marketing for his product. I said yes and promoted it through forums and other business community sites. I used some of the lessons I learned from my internet marketing mentor. The response is awesome and unbelievable. I got six figure total sales and through that I received an affiliate marketing commission in four figure commission in dollars and I got it through Paypal. Take note that I did it in just 2 weeks. Sounds cool right? It’s simple but it’s not easy. Hey, I am not sharing you this to brag or boast about it. I am sharing you this that it’s true and you can do it too. 

Noticed that I said that affiliate marketing is simple but it’s not easy. Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme too. You need to have guts to do it. You need tools and techniques to do it right. You need to learn from the mistakes sometimes. Here are the tools or techniques that you can use for Affiliate Marketing. These are simple tools, you will discover more in the process.

1. For Beginners, create a blog then use “Follow by Email” gadget on blogger.
2. Buy/pay an Online Ads on Google Adwords of Facebook Ads to promote your blog.

The problem with affiliate marketing using online ads for people to go to your site is they will not buy for the first time. But that’s not a big deal, drive people to go to your blog and give value first.

Another affiliate marketing I am doing now is by promoting a membership site. This one is different. Promoting a membership site is different from promoting an actual product or services. It has an advantage compare to just promoting a single one-time-to-sell-product. You know why? Because in membership site you will receive a perpetual commission every month as long as your client is passionate about the product. The idea here is to select and promote a membership sites that really provide a good value for your money or even for your personal growth and business. If you’re interested to know what membership site I am promoting now, you can email me at

4. Being a Virtual Assistant

The fourth way is being a virtual assistant. This is the best way to earn money from the internet legally. By doing this, you are receiving constant money online in regular basis. This is the fastest way to earn money online. The highest earning of a VA could be up to P80,000 a month. It’s not huge yet. The highest paid version is to be a VA of an online or internet marketer. Not only that, most online marketers are also willing to teach their virtual assistant.

Start creating an impressive internet or online resume through blog. Create your own brand but you don’t have to be a techie person or an internet geek just to become a VA. If you have a writing skills, that's an advantage. Image editing skills like if you know how to use Photoshop is also useful. If you know how to use Powerpoint, it’s preferential. If you know how to send an email, that's also an advantage.

If you want more tips on how to become one of the best, high-earner and fully skilled Filipino Virtual Assistant I highly recommend you to attend my mentor’s event. Try his Virtual Assistant Live Seminar. If you want more information you can go to this Jomar’s VA site: Check this site now: Filipino Virtual Assistant Training

So there you have it, the “4 Ways to Earn From the Internet the Right Way”: Lessons I learned from my internet marketing mentor Jomar Hilario. If you are a Get-Rich-Quick seekers, you are not welcome at anytime on the Internet Marketing industry.  This is a place for REAL business and not for immature blood suckers. Well, if you can agree with me, let’s move on and start creating strategies and tactics. 

Here’s the deal. The power of the internet is still alien to most number of business owner nowadays. Just learn from the best and get rid of the stress. Remember this “The longer you’re not taking action, the more money you’re losing”. 

At Your Service,
Red Denal

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