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Seven Most Popular Instant Messaging and Communication Tools for Filipino VA Entrepreneur

I included a simple tutorial on how to install and launch an instant messaging program called Yahoo! Messenger on my last blog post. This is the kind of tool or program that you can use as a virtual assistant entrepreneur . You may check it again here: How to Install and Launch Your First Yahoo! Messenger. There are a lot of instant messaging and communication program out there that you can use as a virtual assistant. Actually hundreds if not thousands of instant messaging features are now available online but there are popular in the internet that you can use. You need to have not just one but as much as possible you need other program installed as well. It will depend on your client. Your virtual client maybe using other program too so I suggest to have it ready and installed too so that you and your client both have the same medium of online communication. Here are the seven most popular Instant Messaging and Communication Tools for Virtual Filipino VA Entrepreneur. I said

The Virtual Entrepreneur Kid plus Tutorial on How To Install and Launch Your First Yahoo! Messenger

Just like the image below, I am only one-year-old when I first touched a computer keyboard (kidding... typewriter pa lang inabot ko noon.) I think my first computer encounter was only during my second year in high school, when the only color you can see on a computer screen is all green with a black background. I also remember the day when every time we do a printing exercise, we need to prepare because we need to type a series of script or syntax just to print the phrase "Hello World!" Those were the days. If you can relate, I can guess how old you are now. Kids are very lucky today. Photo by: Email already exists during that time but I am not lucky enough because internet connection in our school is not yet available. I’m telling you, I am not a computer geek...

Filipino Virtual Assistant: The 7 Essential Benefits (Part 2/2)

This is the second part of my entry " Filipino Virtual Assistant : The 7 Essential Benefits". On the first part I discussed the first three benefits. You can check the first part here: Filipino Virtual Assistant: The 7 Essential Benefits (Part 1 of 2) 1. It will give you a better source of additional income. 2. You will be working at home 3. Being able to focus on the skills and strenght you have Now, Let me me share you the remaining four: 4. Learn a lot of new skills 5. Increase your level of confidence 6. You can expand your network 7. It's Tax-Free 4. Learn a lot of new skills In the world of the internet, every second there is something new. As you go along being a virtual assistant, you will learn different strategies and skills specially on how to do internet marketing and online business. You will learn not only from your business clients but also on your own research on what is going on around the int

Filipino Virtual Assistant: The 7 Essential Benefits (Part 1/2)

Here are the seven essential benefits of being a Filipino Virtual Assistant . 1. It will give you a better source of additional income. Being a virtual assistant can be a challenging and yet compensating job. The question I think you have right now is How much is the possible compensation? It varies. It really depends on how much you want to trade your desired income based on your set of skills. The start up is normally between $250 (P10,000) -$800 (P35,000) per-month-per-client and it will go up as I said depending on your tasks and set of skills. The best part of being a VA is that you will really decide on your own income. Yes you read it right, you can fix your own income, but make sure you take some important notes as you may need to conduct some survey from time to time to check and verify the market rates and learn new stuff so that you don’t end up getting under paid. The more specialized your services as a VA, of course the more you can charge. And the happi

Virtual Assistant Requirements - If you have an Email, You're hired!

Is there any minimum requirements in working as a VA? Before I answer this. Let's go back on how we defined VA or virtual assistant. On my previous post, I wrote that: A Virtual Assistant (typically abbreviated to VA, also called a virtual office assistant) is an entrepreneur who provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients from a home office. Doing Virtual Assistance pala is business of serving people. My question I have in mind is this...Is there a business or a work of any kind without a service? Sometimes other entity needs to declare if they are in the category of product or service business. It's true that in business we really cannot serve without a product and we cannot promote the product without doing the service, because we need to serve first... right? Well, in both case or in any business we really cannot escape the essence of providing any services or assistance to others, practically to a lot of people.

Virtual Assistant Tools Blog for Pinoy by Pinoy plus My Google Lesson#1 and The Java Man

Welcome to Filipino Virtual Assistant Tools blog. Let's start. First things first. Let's define first these three terms: Virtual; Assistant; and Tools. Virtual means... - being actually such in almost every respect - existing in essence or effect though not in actual fact Meaning... being there but not actualy there. What about assistant? Assistant means... (do i really have to include this in this post), Ok, sige na nga , - a person who contributes to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose - a person (or by extension a device) that helps another person accomplish his goals Now, the final word. Tools. - is an entity that interfaces between two or more domains (ano daw?) - instrument: the means whereby some act is accomplished (labo pa rin) - a device or process that is used to do some kind of work (pwede!) Opss.. where and how did I get that. Allow me to show you. Lesson #1: How to define a word using Google Go to Google search eng