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The Virtual Entrepreneur Kid plus Tutorial on How To Install and Launch Your First Yahoo! Messenger

Just like the image below, I am only one-year-old when I first touched a computer keyboard (kidding... typewriter pa lang inabot ko noon.)

I think my first computer encounter was only during my second year in high school, when the only color you can see on a computer screen is all green with a black background.

I also remember the day when every time we do a printing exercise, we need to prepare because we need to type a series of script or syntax just to print the phrase "Hello World!" Those were the days.

If you can relate, I can guess how old you are now. Kids are very lucky today.

Filipino Virtual Assistant Kid
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Email already exists during that time but I am not lucky enough because internet connection in our school is not yet available. I’m telling you, I am not a computer geek...

I first used the internet and created my first email account when I am already in college and take note I am already working when I first used an instant messaging program.

It’s the time when your boss is so allergic when he saw you using that program so often because he is not allowing you to use it while you are working.

But today, it’s kind a reverse. Instant messenger program is indispensable especially while you are working as a virtual assistant and your client or your boss will panic if you are not using it.

Kinda weird huh?

Do you remember the first time you used an instant messaging program? Like Yahoo! Messenger, Google Talk, or AOL Instant Messenger?

I created a simple tutorial on how to install and launch your first Yahoo! Messenger program. You can also share this to your friends.
How To Install and Launch Yahoo Messenger

So there you have it. If you like this tutorial, please kindly leave your decent comment below. Thanks and keep coming back for more Virtual Assistant Tutorials created by Filipino for Filipino.


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