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How to Create an Online Calendar in Just 2 Easy Steps

Welcome back to FILVATT, your online resource of free Filipino Virtual Assistant Tutorials and Tools. Shared by a Filipino for Filipino. Today I am going to share you a simple tutorial on how to use a Google Calendar, one of popular online (or even offline) applications developed by Google. Again, for some of you who are already using this, please help me share this to your friends. You can share this blog by using your Facebook. In this tutorial I will also discuss how to synchronize or match your time with respect to your business clients time, let say you already have business clients in the other side of the planet. :) or somewhere down under. How To Use Google Calendar View more presentations from FILVATT . That's it. Please keep coming back and learn more about virtual assistant tools and online applications that you can use as a virtual entrepreneur .

Filipino Virtual Assistant Entreprenuer Quotes Of the Moment #1

Sharing you some realization. I love reading (and collecting) business and personal development quotation or insights from different people or even from simple people I met. As a Filipino virtual assistant entrepreneur , or for aspiring entrepreneur out there, saying positive quotation will help us boost our moral. Experience is not the best teacher I guess. It sounds good but it's raw. Learning from our personal mistakes, failures, and experiences are good but the learning from other people's mistakes and experiences is even better. Reading positive quotations is like having a mentor telling you insight in their personal life and businesses experience that will also help us in everyday life. Here are the sample quotations. "Business opportunities are like buses, there’s always another one coming." – Richard Branson "A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them." – John C. Ma

Filipino VA Tutorial on How to Download, Install and Setup Your Skype Account

I created another tutorial for future  Filipino Virtual Assistant and Entrepreneur. Again, if you know this already, and you’re probably using this for so many years now, please allow yourself to share this to others. Please help me share this site to others too. Let me share you simple tutorial for Filipino virtual assistant on how to download, install and setup your Skype account. One such amazing technology in the internet is the Skype technology. Trivia. Skype is not so old program. This popular online communication tool, as of this writing is turning eight this year. Its beta testing was officially launched last August 29, 2003. Let's start. How to Download, Install and Setup Your Skype Account Many of you are using mobile for internet. Don’t you know that you can also use skype in your own cell phone? The best advantage of Skype is that you can even get this technology on your mobile phone. Yes! You can also use Skype on your mob