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Top 5 Internet Browsers [A Virtual Business Matters' Facebook Page Survey Result]

Last month I created a survey inside Virtual Business Matters Facebook Page  by asking a simple question, "What internet browser do you use?" and then I promised that if I got 100 responses I will post the result in   virtual business matters blog. As promised, here's the result of the most commonly use internet browsers .  Disclaimer. The result of this survey doesn't reflect or represent  all the internet users in the world. I just thought that 100 is a good samples. If you want, you can create a similar survey and let's compare the results.  Here's the Top 5 Internet Browsers [Virtual Business Matters' Facebook Page Survey Results]. The result is not really shocking for me. It's more of an anticipated result on my part because I am using these 5  internet browsers from time to time, sometimes if I have internet projects . Again, these are the top 5 internet browsers based on  Virtual Business Matters Facebook Page  survey.

Tired Of Heavy Traffic? We Need Virtual Business Traffic

Are you tired, bored, and sometimes get irritated because of heavy traffic? Who wants traffic? No one! Right? Wrong! Me, I want more traffic. We need more traffic. What I mean is heavy internet traffic. If you’re doing virtual business or if you have an online business, or if you’re an SEO virtual assistant in the Philippines or anywhere in the world, you need more traffic or at least you know how to build or provide solutions to create internet traffic.  But what is internet traffic and why do we need this? Internet traffic is simply the amount or volume of an entity that is visiting your site or your blog. The more people viewing or visiting your blog the more traffic you have. The more traffic you have, the more possible you get notice and spread your great ideas and later on increase your sales, if you're in business.  

Steve Jobs, You Will Always Be Remembered

Steven Paul Jobs, the co-founder, chairman and former chief executive of Apple Inc., already passed away. This blog in not about virtual assistant Philippines or tutorial for Filipino virtual assistant. This blog is my tribute to this great man, an innovator, a visionary inventor and one of the best entrepreneur. I really idolize this man. I like this man and his works. He is so great not only during his presentation in all Apple events but to the fact that this man have the true leadership charisma.   Some of you I know already watched his commencement  speech that was given to the graduating students of Stanford University last 2005. It was a heartfelt speech. In fact, it's not only ten times that I watched this speech. If you haven't heard or watched it yet, check this video below. Again, for those of you who haven't seen this video, please watch below.

Top 3 Free Web-based RSS Feed Reader for Your Virtual Assistant Business

There are numbers of web-based RSS feed reader that you can use today. If you’re into virtual assistant business or doing any business and have an online presence for that matter, you sometimes need more information, newsfeeds and updates that could be from your favourite and trusted websites. Of course Google is there, anytime you can use Google to search anything out of what you need. But here’s the thing. When surfing online, sometimes we found a website that provides good or nice to have information that we need. Sometimes we forgot the website link and we go back to Google but we cannot find it anymore. RSS Feed Reader is the solution. You don’t have to search for it, if there’s an update on the site you can check your RSS feed reader and in an instant you can check if there’s additional information there. The best thing is that you won’t forget the website link. The following are my top 3 recommended free web-based RSS reader. 1.    Google Reader  ( http: