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Tired Of Heavy Traffic? We Need Virtual Business Traffic

Are you tired, bored, and sometimes get irritated because of heavy traffic? Who wants traffic? No one! Right? Wrong! Me, I want more traffic. We need more traffic. What I mean is heavy internet traffic. If you’re doing virtual business or if you have an online business, or if you’re an SEO virtual assistant in the Philippines or anywhere in the world, you need more traffic or at least you know how to build or provide solutions to create internet traffic. 

But what is internet traffic and why do we need this? Internet traffic is simply the amount or volume of an entity that is visiting your site or your blog. The more people viewing or visiting your blog the more traffic you have. The more traffic you have, the more possible you get notice and spread your great ideas and later on increase your sales, if you're in business.  

I want to share you the difference between hi-way road traffic and the internet traffic. In road traffic, if you get jam you get mad, but on the internet if you have massive traffic you’ll get an amazing results. Passive income and money will flow into your money account so easy even if you’re sleeping or taking your vacation. You will definitely get the results you want if you really have an amount of massive internet traffic.  

Read this, this is from Mashable, one of my favorite site posted a blog that says, Global Internet Traffic Expected to Quadruple by 2015. That's huge. Here's some excerpts from Mashable about Global Internet Traffic
"Internet traffic is projected to approach 1 zettabyte per year in 2015 — that’s equivalent of all the digital data in existence in 2010. Regionally speaking, traffic is expected to more than double in the Middle East and Africa, where there will be an average of 0.9 devices per person for a projected population of 1.39 billion. Latin America is close behind, with a 48% increase in traffic and an estimated 2.1 devices per person among a population of 620 million.
The rest of the world will experience more moderate growth in terms of traffic, but the number of devices per person is forecast to increase significantly. By 2015, there will be an average of 5.8 devices per person in North America, 5.4 in Japan and 4.4 in western Europe."

Source: Mashable Infographics, Design by @nick_sigler

There are various ways on how to monitor your internet traffic. One way is to use Google Analytics. You can check my tutorial about using Google Analytic here. Look at this, the image below is an example of report that you can get on using Google Analytic. 

I also want to add that there are different source of internet traffic. There are paid traffic and of course there are also some source of free or organic traffic, like the sample image shown above. That is an example of free or organic traffic source from search engine keywords. I will discuss those in my future blogs. Just keep visiting Virtual Business Matters blog. I also recommend you to subscribe on my RSS, here: Thanks for visiting. 

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