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Social Networking Capital of the World: The Philippines

The social networking capital of the world is now the Philippines. This is according to 24/7 Wall Street that was circulating on the net since second week of May this year. The Philippines after being coined as “the texting capital of the world”, is now “ the social networking capital of the world ”, now we have a new title. Filipinos, what do you think about this?  Let’s define social networking . What is social networking? According to, social networking is the interaction between a group of people who share a common interest; Using social contacts to network; Using internet's network groups (such as Facebook and Twitter) to network and communicate between consumers and businesses.

Virtual Business Philippines: How to Create a Free Blog using [Free Tutorial]

Do you want to create your own website or your own blog site but you don't know how to start? Are you a  Filipino virtual assistant , internet marketing newbie who wanted to earn and make money online? If you are looking for a way on how to create a blog site using a free blogging platform , you came in the right place. In this blog post, I embedded a free tutorial on how to create a blog site using    There are five topics you will learn in this Virtual Assistant Philippines free tutorial.    1. What is,    2. Why,    3. How to Create an Account on,    4. How to Create/Select a Blogger template, and    5. How to Create a Blog in