Virtual Business Philippines: How to Create a Free Blog using [Free Tutorial]

Do you want to create your own website or your own blog site but you don't know how to start? Are you a Filipino virtual assistant, internet marketing newbie who wanted to earn and make money online? If you are looking for a way on how to create a blog site using a free blogging platform, you came in the right place. In this blog post, I embedded a free tutorial on how to create a blog site using
Virtual Assistant Business Philippines

There are five topics you will learn in this Virtual Assistant Philippines free tutorial.
   1. What is,
   2. Why,
   3. How to Create an Account on,
   4. How to Create/Select a Blogger template, and
   5. How to Create a Blog in

    There are many free blogging platforms available in the internet, but I choose to recommend Blogger because they allow newbies to use their services to use it to earn money online using online ads like Adsense, Nuffnang, Chitika, etc. They also allow affiliate marketing. To tell you the truth, other popular free blogging platform are not allowing their patronage to monetized their blog using online ads unless you bought their services for a dime or more.
    How to Create a Blog Site Using Blogger

    I understand that there are debates on blogging professionalism issue on creating a blog site using a free hosting services versus paid hosting sites. Newbies, don't worry, it's not on whether you acquired it for free or not on your first attempt, what really matters is the value of the content that you are providing with your audience or readers.     

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