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Virtual Assistant Business: Nuffnang and Hapee Special Screening [Blog Contest]

I saw a blog inside entitled “Nufnang and Hapee Special Screening”. It’s about an invitation for a blog contest. Actually this blog is my entry for that blog content on the topic/question: “What makes both Nuffnang and Happe first class?”    It’s a coincidence because just last April this year I also subscribed as Nuffnang's blogger semi-passive earner and currently I’m happy with my Hapee too. Semi-passive earner because once you join as their blogger affiliate and continuously blogging, you can also earn. Correct, you can start making income as a Nuffnang virtual infopreneur. In the future I will also include a simple tutorial on how to create and setup a Nuffnang ads on your blog.  

Free Blogging Platforms for Beginning Virtual Infopreneur

In today’s information age, one of the effective ways to share your ideas, thoughts or opinions is to create your own weblog also known as blog.  But what is a blog? Blog is just another kind of website. The difference is that it’s usually organized by date and labels or category with the most recent content which also called the blog post displaying first at the top. Blogging if combined with social media applications like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networking sites, share it and after few seconds, your ideas will really spread to millions if not billions of internet users in the universe. The best part of having your own blog is that you can create it for free. No hosting fees. Here are my two recommended blogging platform sites that you can use for fee. and