Free Blogging Platforms for Beginning Virtual Infopreneur

In today’s information age, one of the effective ways to share your ideas, thoughts or opinions is to create your own weblog also known as blog. 

But what is a blog? Blog is just another kind of website. The difference is that it’s usually organized by date and labels or category with the most recent content which also called the blog post displaying first at the top.

Blogging if combined with social media applications like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social networking sites, share it and after few seconds, your ideas will really spread to millions if not billions of internet users in the universe. The best part of having your own blog is that you can create it for free. No hosting fees.

Here are my two recommended blogging platform sites that you can use for fee. and 


Virtual Assistant Business Philippines

Blogger is a web-based tool currently owned by Google. This blog Filipino Virtual Assistant Business Tools Tutorials Philippines ( is created in a platform. Blogger is so cool because they are allowing their users to monetize their blogs. Yes, putting more ads like Adsense (it's a business because Google also own Adsense), Nuffnang or Chitika are allowed.  


Virtual Assistant Business Philippines is not recommend if you want to place ads or sell affiliate products, but this platform is a user friendly and easy to use. User friendly in such a way that if later you totally decided to transfer from to your own hosting in the future, it won't be a problem anymore because blogging software WordPress is widely supported by most hosting companies. 
Aside from these two recommended free blogging platforms for beginning virtual inforpreneur, there are actually a lot of sites also available for free. You can also use,,,,,,,,, etc.

So there you have it, thanks for dropping by, next time I will share you a simple tutorial on how to setup your own blog using Blogger. 

Keep blogging. Share and spread your ideas because ideas that spread win.   



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  2. You're right! It's recommended to everyone who are first time to engage their business to online business.


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