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7 Things You Should Never Do in Your Facebook Pages Timeline Cover Photo [Plus Things You MUST]

All internet marketers, online entrepreneurs and virtual assistants should be updated in all the changes happening in the internet particularly in social media like Facebook. Keeping up-to-date is great, but following social media rules and regulations is super great. Today I want to share you these Facebook Timeline cover page rules . Well, just in case you don’t know the rules, Facebook will smell it and they could bite you in the ass. Don't wait of it. Just follow first. If you still don't know what a cover photo is, it is the big 851 x 315 pixel image on the top of the new Facebook Timeline Pages or Facebook Profile. At Virtual Business Matters Facebook page , we're kinda late bloomer when it comes to Facebook Timeline. Since this is now mandatory, we cannot escape but follow. We just need to follow the rules. It’s time to convert in to Facebook Timeline Page.

Facebook Timeline The Tour Of No Return - Go, Your Timeline Is Now Live!

Last January, Facebook officially announced that they will "roll out" Timeline to all users. As anticipated, I think, this is it.  It means they will not limit Timeline in Facebook pages, rather they will mandatory execute your user FB account to Facebook Timeline format. Non-Optional. What the…? It’s ok. Go Facebook. Even if I still don’t like Facebook timeline for personal account, for some reasons, go ahead. It’s all yours. Convert it. You’re the boss.