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7 Things You Should Never Do in Your Facebook Pages Timeline Cover Photo [Plus Things You MUST]

All internet marketers, online entrepreneurs and virtual assistants should be updated in all the changes happening in the internet particularly in social media like Facebook. Keeping up-to-date is great, but following social media rules and regulations is super great.

Today I want to share you these Facebook Timeline cover page rules. Well, just in case you don’t know the rules, Facebook will smell it and they could bite you in the ass. Don't wait of it. Just follow first.

If you still don't know what a cover photo is, it is the big 851 x 315 pixel image on the top of the new Facebook Timeline Pages or Facebook Profile.

At Virtual Business Matters Facebook page, we're kinda late bloomer when it comes to Facebook Timeline. Since this is now mandatory, we cannot escape but follow. We just need to follow the rules. It’s time to convert in to Facebook Timeline Page.

By the way, as confirmed with my internet marketing mentor, he said these rules are only applicable to Facebook Pages. So it's up to you. You can still use your imagination and creativity in your Facebook Profile Cover Images.

Now, here they are, the seven things you should never do in your Facebook Pages Timeline Cover Photo. For more accurate rules, you can also check the actual Facebook cover photo guidelines in official Facebook website.

1. You cannot put price or purchase information in your Facebook Page Timeline Cover image.
2. You cannot put contact information. No web address, no email addresses, no phone numbers, etc.
3. You cannot put reference to other Facebook features, such as “LIKE US…” or “SHARE THIS…”
4. You cannot put Calls to actions.
5. You may not encourage people to upload your cover to their personal timelines
6. Covers must not be false, deceptive or misleading.
7. Your cover photo must not infringe on third parties' intellectual property.

So, now, what other things can I do on my Facebook Page Timeline Cover?  For me, it only means Facebook would like us to explore our creativity.

Here are the exact rules in Facebook link:
Cover images must be at least 399 pixels wide and may not contain:
  • Price or purchase information, such as "40% off" or "Download it at our website"
  • Contact information, such as web address, email, mailing address or other information intended for your Page's About section
  • References to user interface elements, such as Like or Share, or any other Facebook site features
  • Calls to action, such as "Get it now" or "Tell your friends"
All cover images are public, which means anyone visiting your Page will be able to see the image you choose. Covers must not be false, deceptive or misleading, and must not infringe on third parties' intellectual property. You may not encourage or incentivize people to upload your cover image to their personal timelines.

Now, for my two cents that you can do in your Facebook page Cover Photo plus actual examples on the links.
  • Use Facebook Cover Photo for Fun. You can always put funny imager in your cover photo as long as it doesn’t violate any legal matters. I hopped in Mashable site, they have this 15 Funny Facebook Timeline Cover Photos []. You can check this out too.

You can use Photoshop or any other photo editing software before you upload your Facebook Cover Photo. Again imagination and creativity are commodities. Use it before you lose it.

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  1. very informative...i just change my profile to timeline and i believe this information would help me.

  2. WOW! i had no idea there were so many rules! Thank you!

  3. For Facebook pages, the cover photo is an opportunity to showcase the latest product without the call to action/direct selling stuff. An example would be a popular/well-known personality using the product or service. Or maybe the service or product in action.

    Cover photos are also perfect for branding purposes...create and reinforce one's identity and differentiate oneself from other competing products.

    Hope everyone reads the guidelines you posted as the info is available only if you look for it. Really appreciate your efforts here.

  4. Before read your post i was unaware about these points but now i am going to review my facebook page timeline cover photo to make it attractive, professional and visitors friendly.

  5. When i read your post i got some idea how we should follow the rules and regulation of Facebook.


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