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Vangie The Pinoy Siri iPhone 4S Virtual Assistant, Now Viral in YouTube [Video]

Are you aware of iPhone 4S intelligent virtual assistant application called Siri? According to its creator, Siri is the intelligent personal assistant that helps you get things done just by asking. It allows user to use their voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more. In the US, Siri is one of the important and coolest features of iPhone 4S. Vangie The Pinoy Virtual Assistant Last December 16, major telcos here in the Philippines finally launched iPhone 4S. But the problem is, not every Philippine user and Filipinos could be understood by Siri. 

21 Reasons Why There Are So Many Virtual Assistants from the Philippines

Google Alerts is one of the best tools you can use to get regular updates based on your targeted niche. Last week, I got an email update from Google Alert about Filipino virtual assistant . I hopped into the site, actually the website is a forum called Warriorforum , the number one internet marketing forum since 1997. Someone asked, "Why There Are So Many Virtual Assistants from the Philippines ?". It became viral and majority of the responses are also positive.  There could be additional responses there in the forum but as of this writing, I tried capturing some of the responses and came up with this summary from the question raised by  Christiani, an HyperActive warrior. 

Google Zeitgeist Philippines 2011 Now Available, Notice The Hottest Trends of the Year

The year is almost over. Google Zeitgeist Philippines of 2011 is now available online. You can now check the 2011 hottest trend and major events worldwide based on online queries via search engine Google. In Google Zeitgeist Philippines includes the following: Fastest Rising Searches, Fastest Rising People, Movies, TV, News, Food, Sports, and Travel Destinations and many more. Google Zeitgeist Philippines 2011 The word “ Zeitgeist ” by the way, from Mr Wiki, is a German word which means “ the spirit of times ”, for Google, its a collection of lists of the most frequent search queries. I been following Zeitgeist since 2009, the time I get interested on Search Engine Optimization . 

How to Help Typhoon Sendong Victims in Northern Mindanao Philippines

Friends and readers of virtual business matters , here's how to help typhoon Sendong victims in Mindanao, Philippines. Particularly in Cagayan De Oro, Iligan, Bukidnon,  Negros Oriental,  Lanao del Norte,  Dumaguete, and other most affected part of Northern Mindanao.   According to the  National Red Cross Emergency Alert website , as of December 20, 12pm, the death toll has reached 720 (Cagayan De Oro 346, Iligan City 279, Bukidnon 47, Negros Oriental 37, Lanao del Norte 9, Compostela Valley 5, Zamboanga del Norte 3, Surigao del Sur 1). Most of the dead were asleep in the middle of the night on Friday when raging floodwaters pounded their homes from rivers and cascaded from mountain slopes following 12 straight hours of heavy rains in Mindanao. 

Top Mobile Internet Devices in Virtual Business Google Analytics Philippines

In this post, here at virtual business matters, I am going to show you the top mobile internet devices . I got this using a tracking and monitoring tool called Google Analytics . It's a tool which I also discussed in a previous post. You may check the tutorial here: How To Add Google Analytics To Your Blogger Blog . Top Mobile Internet Devices in Virtual Business Google Analytics Philippines I think the mobile internet devices or MID is no longer a want but it is more of a normal day-to-day (or time-to-time) electronic gadget need for some of the geeks and internet savvies, especially for people in the field of internet marketing , virtual business and to those people with an online business . Aside from having a personal computer at home or a laptop in their home office, I think a typical Filipino virtual assistant probably needs the best mobile internet device or a wireless internet device to get more updates in a regular basis. 

Online Mentoring Club Interview: 21 Answers Revealed Plus a Chance to Get 50% Discount until Dec 20

I received an email from Jomar Hilario , my supportive online mentor, asking me to answer some shady  personal   questions and other questions related to his Online Mentoring Club . Here's what I got. Please read below.         1. Name:    Hi to all, my name is Red Denal. 2. What do you do?   I am an engineer, I still have my daytime work. My work is more on process engineering. I love my current work. I also do internet marketing consultancy, affiliate marketing, real estate investing venture and run some small businesses on the side. I like what Jim Rohn had said (one of the great business philosophers), “Keep your day job, and start a business on the side.” I also maintain a tutorial blog for virtual entrepreneurs. This is my gift to all my fellow virtual entrepreneurs. You can visit my blog at 3. Favorite Movie/Actor/Actress:    Movies pwede? (with s). I like movies with remarkable rhetoric like “Independence Day” b