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Google Zeitgeist Philippines 2011 Now Available, Notice The Hottest Trends of the Year

The year is almost over. Google Zeitgeist Philippines of 2011 is now available online. You can now check the 2011 hottest trend and major events worldwide based on online queries via search engine Google. In Google Zeitgeist Philippines includes the following: Fastest Rising Searches, Fastest Rising People, Movies, TV, News, Food, Sports, and Travel Destinations and many more.

Google Zeitgeist Philippines 2011

The word “Zeitgeist” by the way, from Mr Wiki, is a German word which means “the spirit of times”, for Google, its a collection of lists of the most frequent search queries. I been following Zeitgeist since 2009, the time I get interested on Search Engine Optimization

I checked the result for myself, and here's what I found out. 

These are the Philippines Fastest Rising Searches
1. Angry Birds (So many Filipinos today need anger management)
2. Facebook (addict)
3. Price Tag Lyrics (Ka-Ching! Ka-Ching! Yeah!)
4. Friv
5. Movies 2011
6. Youtube
7. Lazy Song
8. Planking (Anywhere, They Photo Ops! We don't have one)
9. Dragon’s Nest
10. Miss Universe 2011

These are the Philippines Fastest Rising People 
1. Aj Perez (RIP)
2. Mario Maurer 
3. Bruno Mars
4. Rebecca Black
5. Shamcey Supsup (The tsunami walk)
6. Manny Pacquiao (Ever!)
7. Steve Jobs (RIP)
8. Angelo Reyes (RIP, and Why?!)
9. Selena Gomez
10. Andi Eigenmann (...and the cute baby)

These are the Philippines Movies
1. Transformers (the best!)
2. Wrong Turn 4 
3. Llimitless
4. Captain America
5. Paul (Fav ni Bea)
6. Final Destination 5
7. Insidious (Me and Malyn watched this...)
8. Scream 4
9. Green Lantern
10. Beastly

You can explore not just the Philippine result, you can also try Global. For Global Fastest Rising Consumer Electronics, here’s what I got.

Global Fastest Rising Consumer Electronics
1. Amazon Kindle Fire
2. Iphone 4S
3. Sidekick 4g
4. HP Touchpad
5. SPB Shell 3D
6. Ipad 2
7. HTC Sensation
8. Samsung Nexus Prime
9. Sony Ngp
10. Ipad 3

Google also released a Zeitgeist 2011 Year In Review Video that covers or showing most famous events and moments for 2011. Take a look at this awesome year in review video. 

Now, check it for yourself, go to and look on what's the hottest trend for 2011.

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