Vangie The Pinoy Siri iPhone 4S Virtual Assistant, Now Viral in YouTube [Video]

Are you aware of iPhone 4S intelligent virtual assistant application called Siri? According to its creator, Siri is the intelligent personal assistant that helps you get things done just by asking. It allows user to use their voice to send messages, schedule meetings, place phone calls, and more. In the US, Siri is one of the important and coolest features of iPhone 4S.

Vangie The Pinoy Virtual Assistant

Last December 16, major telcos here in the Philippines finally launched iPhone 4S. But the problem is, not every Philippine user and Filipinos could be understood by Siri. 

Here’s a funny and yet futuristic video uploaded by MacapunoSystems last December 23 and is now getting viral in YouTube. Check this out.

If you’re a virtual assistant for video editing and video promotion, having this kind of video creativity is really important and an advantage. You can get up to four figure dollar by just creating single nice video. But here's the thing, anyone can create a spoof or a nice video but not anyone can do a viral video like what Gung Ho Manila Team (the company behind this viral YouTube hit) did, of course in due time we will also learn how to do that. Congrats Gung Ho Manila Team, job well done!

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