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Online Mentoring Club Interview: 21 Answers Revealed Plus a Chance to Get 50% Discount until Dec 20

I received an email from Jomar Hilario, my supportive online mentor, asking me to answer some shady personal questions and other questions related to his Online Mentoring Club. Here's what I got. Please read below.        

1. Name:   
Hi to all, my name is Red Denal.

2. What do you do?  
I am an engineer, I still have my daytime work. My work is more on process engineering. I love my current work. I also do internet marketing consultancy, affiliate marketing, real estate investing venture and run some small businesses on the side. I like what Jim Rohn had said (one of the great business philosophers), “Keep your day job, and start a business on the side.” I also maintain a tutorial blog for virtual entrepreneurs. This is my gift to all my fellow virtual entrepreneurs. You can visit my blog at

3. Favorite Movie/Actor/Actress:   
Movies pwede? (with s). I like movies with remarkable rhetoric like “Independence Day” by Will
Smith.  I also like Sean Penn's movies like "All the King's Men" and "I Am Sam". "A Knight's Tale", but more on the character of Paul Bettany, I like the introduction part of Paul to William Thatcher. Actresses? I like Natalie Portman and Keri Russell.

4. Most memorable memory from childhood:   
Horseback riding with my Dad. We have horses when I was in grade school. My Dad thought me how to ride and maneuver a  horse on my own command. Anyone here who experienced how to run a horse?

5. Favorite Ice cream flavor: 

6. How long have you been a member of OMC?   
I started last year, July 6, 2010, so a year and a half na.

7. What's your blog?  
You can check my blog here:

8. Specific story about how the OMC has helped you.    
Time is important and you can equate this to money. OMC helped me in some online techniques and tactics that I don’t have to spend more time researching about it specifically how to do it and how to implement it. Yes, you can research on your own, but it will still eat huge time (literary like weeks, months or more depending on your ability to research) but on OMC, all you have to do is consistent implementation.

9. Share a specific piece of advice that you implemented from the OMC?   
To name a few, I think applying the importance of keyword research before you create a blog, another thing is how to name a blog in terms of search engine optimization. Proper online promotion using social media like creating FB page. Next to social media promotion, right now some of my traffic came from search engine sources.

10. How do you find your fellow clubmembers? Helpful? Otherwise?   
In general, majority are friendly, you can ask any questions anytime you want.

11. Tell us about them. What do you remember about them?   
I met Manuel Viloria (the owner of inside the club and he also gave me some good advice and insight about blogging, social media, and internet marketing. Sha Nacino of is also there. Other members, friendly naman majority. Some siguro, shy lang mag-raise ng questions or I think nadadalian lang sila sa lesson ni Jomar. All the lessons inside the Online Mentoring Club are in layman’s term and easy to understand.

12. Accomplishment after going thru OMC and applying the lessons?   
I have my own domain site now, http://www.virtualbusinessmatters.comI am also thankful because by following the lessons inside Jomar's Online Mentoring Club, I am seeing now some active followers,  who are also there to encourage me and correct my mistakes. Mostly I talk about the internet, social media and digital marketing in general. For me, the best way to learn is to teach. Every time I discovered new things, I tried my best to share it to my online comrade and through blog posting. I appreciate people who gave feedback via email or  commenting on my blog. I also appreciate those people who subscribe on my blog. Challenges and tiny accomplishment one at a time is also rewarding.    

13. Have you been featured in the media/blogs/newspapers ? Why?  

Only in blogs I think. I retrieved the links, you can check it below. For me being featured also help a lot, Can I request? For those bloggers out there, you can make a decent review on my blog Virtual Business Matters. Again, these are the links I remember so far.

14. Can you share us your online earnings?   
Yes. Sure, but allow me to just share you my sample affiliate marketing with continuous earning. I like passive income rather than an active income.

15. If yes, how much?   
On my affiliate marketing alone, I earned more than P50,000 pesos already. I know this is not a huge amount, but it can be a good help to lessen my monthly bill like electric bill and monthly internet connection.

16. If no, just tell us what activity online did you do to earn the most? 

17. How is Jomar treating you ? Really.
Fair enough. Jomar is a practical mentor. You can ask him great question and he will share you a great answers. 

18. Advise to prospective OMC2 members.  
If you’re seeing yourself as an online person, I mean if your interest is on the internet, if you are a person with discipline of execution, then OMC2 is for you.  Even if you’re inept on the internet and you know just little about the internet, but you are a kind of person who wants and loves to learn new things, Online Mentoring Club 2 is definitely for you.

19. Why did you get into OMC in the first place?
I really wanted to expand my network and learn more. Learning is something that we should never stop doing.

20.  I'm sure you have doubts before you joined. What triggered you to finally join OMC
Before I heard about Jomar’s program, I also received some offers from other Internet Marketing gurus in the US, some are from Australia and Singapore, they are also selling digital marketing information, coaching and tutorial programs. The problem is the amount of investment that you will pay them. Normally from 3 to 5 times compare to OMC. If you're a Filipino, the advantage of having Jomar as a mentor is that you are in the same wave length. Imagine a successful Pinoy who will mentor Pinoy.
21. Finally, do you want to tell anything to the readers?
If you really wanted to learn how to do internet marketing, and want to learn new things online, Jomar’s Online Mentoring Club 2 is one of the best options.  Just make sure you implement all the lessons. Join Online Mentoring Club 2 now. I also hope to hear from your next testimonials one year, months or less from now. God bless, Dominus Vobiscum!


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