Top 3 Free Web-based RSS Feed Reader for Your Virtual Assistant Business

There are numbers of web-based RSS feed reader that you can use today. If you’re into virtual assistant business or doing any business and have an online presence for that matter, you sometimes need more information, newsfeeds and updates that could be from your favourite and trusted websites. Of course Google is there, anytime you can use Google to search anything out of what you need.

But here’s the thing. When surfing online, sometimes we found a website that provides good or nice to have information that we need. Sometimes we forgot the website link and we go back to Google but we cannot find it anymore. RSS Feed Reader is the solution. You don’t have to search for it, if there’s an update on the site you can check your RSS feed reader and in an instant you can check if there’s additional information there. The best thing is that you won’t forget the website link.

The following are my top 3 recommended free web-based RSS reader.

1.   Google Reader ( Google Reader is one of the best RSS readers online. It’s very popular because this tool is created by a big company, obviously by Google. The advantage is that, Google keep on developing this tool for the benefits of the users. Google Reader for highly recommended for people whose primary email account is on Google or Gmail.

2.   My Yahoo! ( Maintaining too many RSS reader is too much and unproductive. It’s up to the user what he or she really wants. Actually I can name ten additional free RSS reader but MyYahoo! RSS reader is my second choice. If you’re still fan of Yahoo! and still maintaining a primary email through Yahoo! email, I suggest you use this, instead of using Google.

3.   MyAlltop ( MyAlltop in not a typical RSS reader but this one is really awesome because the websites that you can found here are commonly valuable if not just popular. Customization is allowed in MyAlltop.  MyAlltop enables you to create a “personal, online magazine rack” of your favourite websites and blogs.

Not all the best RSS readers are for free. Others can buy online but these RSS readers are offering a variety of additional useful services. Since we’re fan of Guerrilla Marketing, as much as possible let’s utilize all available resources as long as these tools are still for free. 

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