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Virtual Assistant Requirements - If you have an Email, You're hired!

Is there any minimum requirements in working as a VA? Before I answer this.

Let's go back on how we defined VA or virtual assistant.

On my previous post, I wrote that:
A Virtual Assistant (typically abbreviated to VA, also called a virtual office assistant) is an entrepreneur who provides professional administrative, technical, or creative (social) assistance to clients from a home office.
Filipino Virtual Assistant
Doing Virtual Assistance pala is business of serving people.

My question I have in mind is this...Is there a business or a work of any kind without a service?

Sometimes other entity needs to declare if they are in the category of product or service business. It's true that in business we really cannot serve without a product and we cannot promote the product without doing the service, because we need to serve first... right?

Well, in both case or in any business we really cannot escape the essence of providing any services or assistance to others, practically to a lot of people.

Which means... that the future of the industry of providing Virtual Assistance is very huge and somewhat promising.

That's just my honest guess. We'll see.

OK, let go back to my question "is there any minimum requirement on being a virtual assistant?"

Yes. Here are some of the general requirements based on what I understand from an online virtual assistant training conducted by my mentor, a Filipino Virtual Assistant Trainer.

- Willing to learn new stuff in the internet
- Good comprehension
- Good Internet Connection
- Able to surf the internet

If you're thinking that these are not even a minimum. I think the very minimum is that you have an email or at least you know how to create and use your email. But if you're not, no worries... I created a simple tutorials below.
How to Create Your First Gmail Account

As I mentioned, I created this tutorial not just for you. Please kindly share to your Lolo and Lola :).

On my next post, I will try to discuss what are the benefits of being a virtual assistant. Just keep coming back.

To your Success,
Red Denal
Pinoy Virtual Assistant Coach

PS. Do you wanna know who is this Filipino Virtual Assistant Trainer,
Check this now: Virtual Assistant Training in Manila

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