How To Be Truly Rich Seminar [Excerpt Video From Bo Sanchez Mentoring Club]

Friends, allow me to share you this video about financial mindset. Below is an example of PowerTalk from Bo Sanchez, a bestselling author and sought after motivational speaker from the Philippines. This is entitled: "How To Be Truly Rich Seminar". This video is just an excerpt from the long video inside the mentoring club.. 

In this video, Bo Sanchez discussed…. “3 Reasons Why People Are Poor”. One of the reasons Why People Are Poor is because… "They don't want to become rich." Wanna know why? Listen to the video below.

Did you learn something from this video? I hope you did.. Please also help me share this video to others. You can post this in your FACEBOOK. Thanks in advance.

You will learn MORE inside the membership club called the TrulyRichClub. As one of the benefits of being a member, you will receive more inspirational and motivational in both videos (mp4 and flv files) and audio (.mp3 files) format inside the Truly Rich Club

This is true: "Repetition is the mother of learning and skills", as you go along and listen to these materials, you will learn and change for better.

Red Denal

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PPS.  If you want to see the complete video of Bo Sanchez' "How To Be Truly Rich Seminar"
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