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The State of Social Media Marketing in the Philippines [Year End Review for 2012]

Welcome to Virtual Business Matters. Today, VBM will going to talk about The State of Social Media Marketing in the Philippines for the Year 2012. This is a year end review about the status of Filipino social media. Before we dig dive into the Philippines, let's zoom out a bit to Asia first. Asia is the fasting growing region for social media compare to other region all over the world, and the Philippines is one of the leading country in terms of social media participation, in fact we're being named as the social networking capital of the world.
Social Media Marketing Philippines 2012
Before we go through, let's define Social Media. What is Social Media? Based on "Social media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they create, share, exchange and comment contents among themselves in virtual communities and networks." 

Facebook still rules. It remains the favorite social networking site of the Filipinos. It used to be Friendster during those days, Facebook I think followed by Twitter and YouTube. I suggest all small business should utilize YouTube video uploading and sharing too. Other social media like LinkedIn and Google+, I can say are least priority of many Pinoys. Let's see what will happen on the coming year. Pinterest and Instagram is also taking a leap this year for photo and image sharing. Business people, don't ignore Pinterest, you should optimize your online presence using Pinterest. 

Below is a Youtube video related to Social Media Philippines where Mashable talks to four social media influencers from the Philippines, Malaysia, and Nepal about the state of social media in Asia and the trends they see.

During the pre-celebration of Social Media Day, from an interview on Mashable about the topic State of Social Media in Asia, Carlo Ople (Check 14:26 of the YouTube video above) mentioned that "...the chairman of PLDT (Mr. Manuel V. Pangilinan) the biggest TELCO in the country, just said, in an interview that TELCOs will be obsolete in the Philippines and the future will be social media." 

Facebook Top Ranks Philippines for 2012

Philippines for the last three months got number 8 in the ranking of all Facebook statistics by Country. There were 29.96 millions Facebook users in Philippines.  Notice who's on the top of  the list (Note: This is as of December 20, 2012) on the following categories (see images below): These are selected stats by Pages, Brands, Celebrities, and Media. You may also check other details in Socialbakers website: 

Facebook Top 5 Pages Philippines
Facebook Top 5 Brands Philippines
Facebook Top 5 CelebritiesPhilippines

Facebook Top 5 Media Philippines

Twitter Top Ranks Philippines for 2012 

Let's dive into Twitter Philippines Top List (as of December 20, 2012). I am not an avid fan of Twitter. but I have an account. Of course. (follow me on Twitter: @redbillions) As you may notice, the most followers are dominated by celebrities. No question about that since they are the ones more expose on multiple media.  

# TwitterName  Name of Celebrity Tweets Following Followers
1 annecurtissmith Anne Curtis                 21,995                       984         3,819,504
2 143redange Angel Locsin                   7,462                       421         2,559,096
3  vicegandako Jose Marie Viceral                 12,907                       404         2,314,027
4 iamAngelicaP Angelica Panganiban                 11,292                       467         2,276,606
5 kc_concepcion Kc Concepcion                 10,694                       433         2,094,569
6 samuelmilby Sam Milby                   3,373                       310         2,114,494
7 iamsuperbianca Bianca Gonzalez                 28,505                       633         1,940,080
8 luckymanzano Luis Manzano                 20,586                       192         1,913,402
9 mscristinereyes Cristine Reyes                 11,859                   1,503         1,797,433
10 iyavillania Iya Villania                 18,937                       603         1,759,243

Aside from celebrities, popular names in Politics and News are also present in Twitter. To name a few, these are the top of the list in politics and news related.

Top Twitter by Politics in the Philippines 

# TwitterName  Name Followers
1 noynoyaquino President Benigno Aquino III                    1,218,204
2 senmiriam Sen. Miriam Santiago                       294,263
3 kikopangilinan Sen. Francis Pangilinan                       292,147
4 mlq3 Manuel L. Quezon III                       129,530
5 SayChiz Chiz Escudero                         96,610
6 PresidentErap Former Pres. Joseph Estrada                         26,682
7 loren_legarda Loren Legarda                         14,748

Top Twitter by News Category in the Philippines 

# TwitterName  Name Followers
1 gmanews GMA News                   1,149,010
2 Karen_Davila Karen Davila                        805,569
3 ABSCBNNews ABS-CBN News                        662,936
4 ANCALERTS ABS-CBN News Channel                        642,787
5 cesdrilon Ces Oreña-Drilon                        258,707
6 TVPatrol TV Patrol                        219,113
7 maria_ressa Maria Ressa                       117,272
8 TV5manila TV5                         77,582
9 KM_Jessica_Soho KapusoMoJessicaSoho                         68,113
10 ryan_chua Ryan Edward Chua 60,391

Top Twitter by Fashion and Lifestyle Category in the Philippines 

# TwitterName  Name Followers
1 officialTIMYAP Tim Yap                   1,056,478
2 lizzzuy Liz Uy                       929,214
3 ilovegeorgina Georgina Wilson                       846,769
4 bryanboy BryanBoy                       345,299
5 cristallebelo Cristalle Belo Henares                       127,322

YouTube Most Philippines for 2012

Now, for Youtube. The following statistics is also from Looking at the Top YouTube Channels statistics in Philippines, the following is the result. This is as of December 20, 2012.

# Channel Subscribers Uploaded video views
1  rapplerdotcom 2289 3578432
2  BenchTV 2502 2181661
3  AXE 1231 2140097
4  Suncellularph 143 1136302
5  rodeldayagguerrero 125 1081898
6  sunnexdesk 269 1059560
7  vaselinemenph 266 541142
8  NIVEAPhils 135 287465
9  FreshConfidencePH 64 176514
10  OnTheFlipSidePh 60 170039

This 2012 VBM also started using YouTube Channel as a way of promoting products and business online.  You should start creating your own YouTube channel too. 

Social Media Philippines Predictions for 2013

If major TELCOs in the Philippines will continue pouring in millions of dollars to put up a world class services for everybody, hopefully, if that will start to happen this 2013 and in the coming years, mobile marketing is going to be the medium of social media marketing in the Philippines. If this things happen, big businesses in the Philippines will take advantage of marketing their products to reach all mobile cell phones users in the country.

Imagine a large portion of Philippine population using cellphones and smart phones on updating their status on different social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Social media monitoring, personal and business status update will become easier. You can check the update on the social media and internet via mobile like iPad, iPhones, Android, and other smart phones. 

Still, this 2013, Facebook will continue to dominate the social networking. I can't compare FB to Google+. Too far I guess, but as an Internet Marketer you should be leaving value added marks anywhere online. Talking about YouTube, YouTube will still be the second to Google in terms of search online. Filipinos like watching videos online and we as Internet marketer should take that as an opportunity. In 2013 we need to take advantage of using YouTube to promote your brand and businesses.  

So there you have it, the Virtual Business Matters' State of Social Media Marketing in the Philippines Address, a Year End Review for 2012 plus Prediction for 2013. Thanks for visiting this site.

At Your Service,
Red Denal

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