25 Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant According to Chris Ducker

I been following Chris Ducker for some years now. Chris is a virtual assistant coach and an online entrepreneur . I haven't seen him personally but hopefully soon. (you can also have a chance to meet Chris, just continue reading, details below) You can check his masterpiece in his website, www.chrisducker.com. Chris began his career in the sales and marketing industry, back in his hometown of London, UK.

In 2000 he up-rooted himself, and moved to the Philippines, where he has resided since. He continues to oversee the daily operations of his call center company, the Live2Sell Group which he started in originally as a sales training company in 2004, which is based in Cebu and houses over 300 full-time employees.

In 2010 he started another outsourcing-based company, Virtual Staff Finder, which focuses on match-making busy entrepreneurs with high-quality, home-based Virtual Assistants in the Philippines.

As someone that has the uncanny ability to emphasize extremely well with other like-minded entrepreneurs, Chris is also a highly sought after 'new business' consultant and public speaker, as well as being a popular blogger and podcaster.

Chris has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine (twice), on the cover of Globalization Today (the Outsourcing Industry periodical), on Forbes Online, The Rise to the Top 'Unconventional Entrepreneur' List (along with Tim Ferriss and Seth Godin) and CrunchBase, as well as many other media outlets.

Now, let's go to my subject. "25 Tasks You Can Outsource to a Virtual Assistant According to Chris Ducker".

I received this list from Chris Ducker himself. This list according to him are the most common tasks you can outsource to a General Admin VA.

Check them out and if you see some tasks that you'd definitely need help on, stop wasting time! It's time for you to hire a VA!

  1. Email Management/Filtering
  2. Setting up Autoresponders (Aweber, Mailchimp)
  3. Booking appointments with clients
  4. Following up with clients/customers (sending out thank you emails, happy birthday emails etc.)
  5. Receptionist duties (answering occasional calls)
  6. Calendar Management
  7. File Management (organizing files using Dropbox etc)
  8. Database building (eg. updating email or contact lists on your CRM)
  9. Research on certain topics for blogposts, newsletters or others
  10. Personal errands (purchasing gifts for loved ones/family members online, researching for the best vacation spots, etc)
  11. Hotel and Flight Booking
  12. Transcription (transcribing voicemail, video or audio, podcasts etc.)
  13. Taking down minutes of meetings
  14. Creating basic reports (reports on weekly tasks, deliverables, sales)
  15. Preparing Slideshows (Powerpoint Presentations)
  16. Liaison between you and other team members
  17. Recruitment (source for other team members like writers or graphic artists)
  18. Set-up Social Media Accounts (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube)
  19. Manage and update Social Media Accounts
  20. Manage your Blog (Basic Wordpress Skills)
  21. Publish posts on your Blog (content you provided)
  22. Filter  and reply to comments on your blog
  23. Answering support tickets (with the use of Zendesk)
  24. Blog commenting (your VA can comment on other blog posts to increase links to your site)
  25. Participating in discussion forums or message boards (to promote your site/service)

I understand these are just example of tasks for a VA but I am telling you, if you can do all of these, then you're the one, you're probably a super VA and numbers of clients will be lining up to get you. Some on these list are not easy, what I mean is that you need some training and familiarization on those online tools.

Let me include, Chris is one of the speakers on the upcoming event, Make more money online! Webcamp 2012 Internet Business Super Conference, organized by Learnig Curve, Inc.

Hopefully I can attend on your event, Chris. Other speakers on this event will be Jorge “Jojy” Azurin, Ian del Carmen, and Eireen Diokno-Bernardo.

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At Your Service,
Red Denal

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