Web & Social Media Marketing Congress in the Philippines by John calub

Attention Filipino virtual assistant and all Filipino internet users, this is your chance to attend a social media and internet marketing related event and gathering that will happen on July 21, 2012 in the SMX, Mall Of Asia Complex, Pasay. This event is called Web & Social Media Marketing Congress by John Calub, Jay McLean, Tim Bennett, Carl Ocab, and Patrick Cuartero.

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  • Spend more time with your family and friends instead of long boring hours at the office
  • Never miss your child’s graduation, play, your partner’s birthday and other important life events instead of going over time just to make ends meet
  • Do the things you really want – sky dive, climb mountains, write a book, play music, build a charitable organization etc
  • Have the things that will make your and your family’s life easier and better – a trusted car, safe & spacious house, fun toys & useful gadgets etc
  • Go on vacations that you’ve always dreamt of
  • Have time & financial freedom

The following are the main topics and resources for Web & Social Media Marketing Congress. 

  • Discover How To Create Persuasive Copy That Compels Costumers To Take Action from Philippines' #1 Success Coach John Calub
  • Dominate The Market Place With Your Social Media Presence with International Best Selling Author From Australia, Business Strategist and Social Media Expert Jay McLean
  • The Power Of Automated Webinars And How It Can Help You with International Best Selling Author From London and Webinar Expert Tim Bennett
  • How To Make Money Online Using Blogs With The 19 y/o Online Marketing Community Sensation Carl 'Kidblogger' Ocab
  • Reach Thousands Of Fresh Prospects Without Spending A Single Centavo Using Social Commerce with Patrick Cuartero

Again, here's the event's details

What: Web & Social Media Marketing Congress in the Philippines
WHEN: July 21, 2012 (Sat) 8am – 7pm
WHERE: SMX, Mall Of Asia Complex, Pasay
REGULAR RATE: P 8,000.00
Just a Door Charge of P 500.00 (Five Hundred Pesos ONLY)
for the Venue, Work Book, Certificate

For more information, CLICK HERE.

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  1. Social media become the very important part in marketing and most of the well established companies just famous by using
    using social mediathis technique and i himself want to know more and more about the social media.


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