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We Need Kash For Our Education

We need kash for our education. It's not typo. It's really Kash not Cash. I'll explain later. So, what education is all about? How can you get a good education and what constitute a man of education?

Some say quality education is what you need particularly now in the age rapid change or even recession. In a book that I read which was published so many years or decades ago, from that book, this remarkable author had mentioned that " is derived from the Latin word educo, meaning to educe, to draw out, to develop from within.

An educated man or woman is not necessarily the one who has an abundance of general or specialized knowledge. An educated man or woman is the one who has developed the faculties of his mind that he may acquire anything he wants, or its equivalent, without violating the rights of others." This author I am talking about is Napoleon Hill, the author of the popular book, "Think and Grow Rich". For me, good education is not just collecting certificates and diplomas (that may also collect dust, i guess). Real education is personal cultivation of the mind. It is not also doing without. It is doing within, when we are without.

By all odds, Napoleon Hill is correct. Thomas Edison also comes well within the meaning of this definition, Edison acquired only three months of formal education. But Edison became known as the great inventor in the history of United States. Same is true with Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, they never graduated from college either. I am not suggesting that going in college and upgrading your formal education is a bad thing, No, it's not. Parents, don't even tell your children to stop from pursuing in college. So what else formal education does? For me, there's no much thing as formal education. It only looks good in your resume. Yes, it may!

Education is very very important, it will give us more skills and knowledge. But from the things that i observed, experienced, heard and read, it will never give us bright future ALONE. That's correct! Your knowledge and skills alone will never brought you to your desired goal and success. Most common reason why people go to college and getting an MBA or even PhD is to have a good paying job, but most millionaires around the world do not have an MBA, or sort of college degree. Complicated isn't it?

What else is the value of your degree, your master's degree, or even your PhD? For me, it is that you're getting or may probably make yourself marketable in the eye of the corporation. For our personal fulfillment? Pwede! For the sake of what else? Cultural sense and social status? Self fulfilling prophecy? Job security? That's it. But job is a temporal thing. Our work today I believed is only a temporary assignment. What's why people call it job. Tell your children that a good education will not even stop from day of their graduation. According to Peter Drucker, the Father of Modern Management, he said that, “The 21st century illiterate is no longer the one who cannot read and write. The 21st century illiterate is the one who doesn’t have the capacity to learn, relearn and unlearn.” Meaning education is a cycle. We really need unlearn and relearn.

You might not even get some formal education if you don't have the cash isn't it? Unless you're a scholar ng bayan or still scholar ni nanay o ni tatay. We need kash to get the right education. Yes you read it right, no typographical error, it's KASH, not the real cash. We need to have an updated Knowledge, good Attitude, global Skills, and the right Habits. We need to be a knowledge and wisdom sponge. We also need to have if-it-doesn't-workout-next-time-i'll-get-it-right kind of attitude. Instead-of-why-me,try-me attitude! We don't need to focus on the wrong skills, we must focus on the right self management skills. Yes! we cannot separate personal and professional skills in any business, we are in the same person, right? We need to creating a habit of good observation, emitation and repetition.

I heard this from one of the best motivational speaker, his name is Denis Waitley, he also said.. "No organization can guarantee you employment, only employability skills, only personal and professional development. The cashflow of life is your global knowledge, cultural attitude, personal and professional skills, putting it all together into reflex habit."

There you have it. We really need KASH to learn from within. Now, go and buy your own education.


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