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Top 10 Internet Browsers inside Virtual Business Matters Philippines [Trivia on Blogger Stats]

Are you a Blogger platform user? Did you know that you can check the Top 10 Internet Browsers that your blog visitors are using? You might be thinking that you need a tool or additional software to check that. You don't need those. This is really effortless, you can do this inside your Blogger account in just a few clicks. It is much more easier than Google Analytics and it does not require any HTML code to be inserted in your blog. If you're a techie or a analytic geeks and you want to see more stats, of course you can use Google Analytics to do that which I also discussed here inside Virtual Business Matters. Well, if you haven’t tried it yet, I created a tutorial on how to add Google Analytics to your Blogger blog.

Here’s the step by step proof on how to check the top browser your site’s visitors are using while landing on your page. This is not a money-making sexy tutorial, just try these easy 5 steps and see it for yourself. 

1. Go to and sign in with your Google account.

2. On your Blogger Dashboard, click [Stats]  

3. The default view under [Stats] is the [Overview], to check your visitors stats, Click [Audience]

4. To check the Total Stats under Audience, click [All Time]

5. Now, check your Top 10 Pageviews by Internet Browser.

Inside Virtual Business Matters, I found out that Google Chrome is on top, with 50% and Firefox got the 2nd rank with 36%. Notice that Blogger will not only show you the top 10 Pageview by Browser, but rather it will also show you the top 10 Pageview by Country and the top Operating System. 

Here's my tips. Don't limit yourself on using only one type of internet browser, try also to install other browsers. The following are on my list and sometimes (if there's a need), I run them all five at the same time. Another tip, make sure you schedule your browsers update when there's a new version. 
  1. Google Chrome 
  2. Firefox 
  3. Internet Explorer 
  4. Safari
  5. Opera
So there you have it, the Top 10 Internet Browsers inside Virtual Business Matters Philippines [Trivia on Blogger Stats] You can LEAVE your COMMENTS below and let me know WHAT BROWSERS are you CURRENTLY USING.

At Your Service,
Red Denal

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