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How To Add Google Analytics To Your Blogger Blog [VBM Tutorial]

Another free yet very powerful tool for bloggers, webmasters or for Filipino SEO virtual assistants is called Google Analytics.  Google Analytics is one of Google’s free services that let the users track their performance on their websites, blogs or landing pages. If you can master this tool, I am telling you, you can save your time, your money (if you're doing a paid campaign for your sites or landing pages) because you can use it to measure if your executed plans are working right or not.

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As what the old saying goes, "What Gets Measured Gets Done" and even Peter Drucker, the father of modern day management once said, “What gets measured, gets managed.", so as a blogger webmaster, tracking and measuring the results is a vital part on managing your projects. This is also very important to those social media managers managing blogs.

If you started to blog, use Google Analytics from the start. I suggest you install the codes on your site prior publishing your blog or landing page so that your tracking and measurement is valid with real value. 

Here another tutorial, this time on how to create a Google Analytics to your Blogger blogs.

How To Add Google Analytics To Your Blogger Blog

Here's How To Check If Your Google Analytics Really Work:

  • To make sure that you have successfully added the Google Analytics code to your blogsite or on your  Blogger blog, you can go back to
  • Next to your blog’s URL it will appear either Receiving Data (you were successful) or Tracking Not Installed (something is amiss).
  • If you saw Tracking Not Installed, click "Check Status". Google then checks your blog for the Analytics Code and reports back if it find it or not.
  • If not, try to copy and paste the right code again

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    1. I like how you discussed how to add google analytics in our google blog. Thanks for sharing.

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    2. Thanks Leo of SEO Philippines for your remark. Keep coming back and learn more hear at virtual business matters blog.

    3. Brilliant post. This blog is really helpful to me to learn more things regarding seo..

    4. Thanks for such a nice post, I really appreciate your tips and tricks.

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