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2 Easy Ways on How to Check Your PageRank

If having a higher PageRank is how Google defined the importance of a blog or a webpage, then how do we know what is the PageRank of a particular website? Many bloggers and webmasters claim that Google PageRank is really the numerical representation of the quality of your site, in the scale of 0 to 10. Really, what do you think? 

There are tools to check the PageRank of a particular web page, and I can recommend you the following two easy ways. One is going to a website and the other one is by installing a plugin on your favorite internet browser. Here they are:
  1. Go to
  2. Install SEO Quake plugin
If you have other recommendations, please share it by leaving your comments below. But let me share you why I am using these two.

Page Rank checker is a free tool to check Google page ranking of any web site pages easily and to display your site's PageRank value on your web pages

Since this is through a website, I can go directly to anytime if I need to check the PageRank of the website I am interested. No need to install any plugins, you just go to the website and type in the URL of the site. The only requirement is that you also need to type the required captcha. I normally use if I am browsing on other computer and there's no plugins available. I also checked's PR and they have the authority since they got a higher rank of PR8.

SEOQuake plugin

Another one is by using a plugin called SEO Quake. This is very useful internet browser extension that allow you to view a large number of parameters or other numerical important values of the site that you are visiting. These parameters include not only the Pagerank, but also the number of links for that site on Google, Yahoo and MSN, the Alexa rank, and so on.

SEOquake helps the internet browser to obtain an information about any site. If you're an Filipino SEO Virtual Assistant, this is a very helpful tool for you. The only requirement is that you need to install this in any browser that you want, like Chrome, Opera or Firefox. In my case I only install this in one browser. It's up to you but I choose Firefox. There's no need to install this in all of your internet browser, just choose one.       

There you go, my 2 Easy Ways on How to Check Your PageRank. Again, if you have other recommendations, please share it by leaving your comments below.

At Your Service,
Red Denal

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