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Filipino Virtual Assistant: Now, Let's Talk About Facebook

Hey, I’m back. Welcome again to Filipino Virtual Assistant Tools and Tutorials blog. Now let’s talk about Facebook. What is Facebook? Facebook is another social networking website that is operated and privately owned by Facebook, Inc. :)


Facebook was founded last 2004 by Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg and originally called thefacebook. Try to watch the movie “The Social Network” to know more about Mark Zuckerberg and how he started the Facebook.

Do you know that as of January 2011, FB has more than 600 million active users.. Yes! When I say FB, that’s Facebook. Here’s my question. Are people really making money on Facebook or is it just for people fooling around, playing games or sharing photos?

My answer is a resounding Yes! But not in a wrong way, because some people are doing it the wrong way. There are of course a lot of creative and decent way of using it.

Do you want to become a successful Filipino virtual assistant or internet marketer for that matter? As a virtual assistant or virtual entrepreneur, you should take advantage of the greatest opportunity in using FB. In Facebook, you can start leveraging those more 600 million person network so you can get your piece of the pie in your selected niche or niches if you like.

You can actually use FB to become your lead generation machine for your own business. Well, if you’re not using FB in your business, you’re missing a lot. I am not just referring to Facebook personal profile as a tool in your business; you can also utilize Facebook Fan Page. If you’re in business my suggestion is you create a Facebook Page and not Personal Profile page. But there are important considerations you need to make before you set up a Facebook Fan page.

Don’t you know that there are more virtual assistant’s clients that are looking for Filipino virtual assistant who have enough skills on creating a FB fan page, basic plugins and other add-ons related to FB or Facebook fan page. Meaning, if you're knowledgeable about it, you can actually raise your rate and earn more additional stream of income.

Just keep coming back in this blog. I am also planning to create a simple tutorials on how to create a Facebook Fan Page. So wait for it.


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